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Art by koyo8899 on twt

What's new?

5/15/2023: Organized some stuff, added new things to the blinkies page which is now a pseudo general collections page + streamlined the credits on that. Very pleased w/ how this site is coming along :3

5/14/2023: Added art gallery page! Also updated the buttons on the sidebar to be cleaner/sleeker and finally made the blog page. Exciting stuff.

5/9/2023: Added self-ship webring.

5/9/2023: Added about page w/ info.

5/8/2023: Redid nav w/ buttons, added header, blinkies page, and links to my main website and guestbook.

5/6/2023: Took a break but added a cool image to the landing page + moving bg lol !

4/30/2023: Site Construction start!