This site uses some javascript to load some elements in!

It is also in a constant WIP state since I'm constantly adding and updating things.

What's new?

5/13/2024: Changed how my nav bar on all pages load in. Now it utilizes javascript, so then I can simply update one page to change it on all pages! Though I'm unsure if I'll keep it as javascript or change it to something else. Also will be replacing the guestbook soon since 123guestbook announced its closure.

4/26/2024: Updated my buttons AGAIN. hopefully for the last time (lying). Also the pagedoll is finally here!! Big thank you to CyberDaydream!

4/12/2024: DIALTOWN SHRINE is up!! In other news, the page is entering it's scuffed era while i work on redoing a bunch of code to work better on different size monitors. Ongoing for possibly the next few days depending on how well i can format everything LOL

4/10/2024: Changed the buttons AGAIN because I'm far too indecisive. Also added a brand new credits page and a shrines page! Hope to add more stuff to my actual home page soon bc it's the only one thats super empty LOL.

3/27/2024: Changed the /notfound page to fit the theme rest of the pages. Slightly changed blog format so then it could use the same CSS sheet as the rest of the main pages + Now it redirects to individual blog pages rather than dropdowns. Added a separate section for my 3D art in the gallery page + 2 new things have been added to the gallery page! Added a new little favicon/web icon for all the pages. Also just generally touched up the coding on a few pages (nothing major)

3/24/2024: Edited and cleaned up the CSS code for the pages, now everything is a lot more organized and making new pages will be MUCH easier. Also changed the buttons!! Now theyre smaller with some cute pixel art of Kord :D

3/23/2024 (Part 2!): Changed the header from the marquee, I wasn't really feeling it anymore and just made something quick to replace it. Also adjusted the size of the background.

3/23/2024: Mostly went in and tidied a few things here and there. Added a To-Do list on my home page so then it's both less barren and also gives me things to focus on!

3/21/2024: FIXED A TON OF SHIT AFTER A HIATUS!!! No more broken images hopefully! Also cleaned out the gallery pages and replaced it with my current 2024 works until I can go back and reorganize the 2023 collection. Also a new blog update! Sorry for being gone for so long.

5/15/2023: Organized some stuff, added new things to the blinkies page which is now a pseudo general collections page + streamlined the credits on that. Very pleased w/ how this site is coming along :3

5/14/2023: Added art gallery page! Also updated the buttons on the sidebar to be cleaner/sleeker and finally made the blog page. Exciting stuff.

5/9/2023: Added self-ship webring.

5/9/2023: Added about page w/ info.

5/8/2023: Redid nav w/ buttons, added header, blinkies page, and links to my main website and guestbook.

5/6/2023: Took a break but added a cool image to the landing page + moving bg lol !

4/30/2023: Site Construction start!