Guess who finally got around to fixing up their site agaiiinnnn. Meee because I forgot. Had to fix a bunch of links because they were broken but it all should be good now!!!

I guess I should talk about what I've been up to since I last touched this, huh? I've been busy w/ stuff, mostly regarding the work I do for the Dialtown merch, which has been super fun!! I actually got the first set of pins I designed for DT in the mail just a few days ago. It's been ~2 years since I've started to do the merch for DT but getting the stuff still hasn't gotten old LOL

Also, I've finally been getting more into actual "horror" thanks to some of my friends!! I've always wanted to get into horror movies (especially those old slashers) but I was always too scared to watch them by myself, so being able to do watchparties with people has really helped :D

That's all for now (at least until I remember LOL). I really want to actually keep this updated this year, along with the rest of the site (ESPECIALLY the art gallery). Hopefully I can keep myself to my word!